Saturday, 9 July 2016

Happily Unmarried : Men-O-Pause Episode 2

Checkout Men-O-Pause Episode 2 - Happily Unmarried

new originals hindi web series. What goes on inside a married couple’s bedroom is nobody’s business. “Oh, really?” asks a witty wife. It can be Big Business! Just turn Marital sex into Paid sex.  But, wait before you jump to take sides on this hot topic, for her hubby has a cooler idea. 

Men-O-Pause – TBM’s Original Web Series. 8 episodes. 8 moods of the woman. More than the biological clock or hormonal change, Men-O-Pause takes our fav notions about womanhood and turns them on their head. The by-line of Men-O-Pause should prepare you somewhat – Women, Without a Pause Button! 

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Credits :Talking Books Publications presents“MEN-O-PAUSE” S01E02 BANGKOKWALA UNMARRIED Episode Two
starring SUMAN SINGH, SUDHIR KUMARwritten by SANGEETA G.cinematography BHUSHANKUMAR JAINeditor PRPTIM KHAOUNDsync sound VIJAY SINGH SHEKHAWATsound mixing & background music MAYURESH ADHIKARIexecutive producer NAVIN KUMARassociate editor PARAG KHAOUNDproduced by ANIL NANGLIA anddirected by DIPK G. N. NANGLIA

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